the most beloved item of the room, it's truly an honour to drool on.

it's all thanks to you $14.99 ikea bedspread! also, my bedside table displays my philosophy in life.

here you have sewing machine (barely ever used). my first screenprint on canvas (needs to be ironed). and an accessorize myself quickly before i leave corner!

my friend who had this room prior to me just left these handy corkboards behind. so useful for hanging necklaces.

also i really like storing beauty tidbits in vintage mason jars and buckets.

some free shelves that my dad and I picked up, that holds my favourite paper goods. (magazines, letters, stationary, art books, photo albums, manga......)

top of dresser.

my favourite toy + creepy kewpie dolls from a friend.

a desk just never has enough space, does it. the red shelf shows some plastic buckets from the dollar store that holds more make-up and beauty essentials.

close up of the clutter. some handprinted cards from the boyfriend.

a table behind the bed as a makeshift headboard (?)

too many stuffed animals

a wall..I've been meaning to hang up those posters individually

baskets of stuff

the view outside the window is pretty nice.

via rikit

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