(Updated) My Office

I've had a couple requests to re-post my room & office, so I took photos this week and here they are. I'm splitting the post into two parts (P1 Office, P2 Bedroom) because it's very image-heavy. Hope you enjoy/find inspiration :)

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View from the back corner.

Most of my jewelry collection.

Vintage victorian sewing kit from 1937, purchased in New Orleans this summer.

Gold Hello Kitty on a moon with a star wand! ♥ The only piece of 24K gold I own.

Clip on earrings, a gift from my lover's host family in Japan.

Pretty soap, Timbuktu perfume by L'Artisan Parfumeur & Stella perfume by Tocca.

Various crystals, Jasmine and Oleander perfumes by Lili Bermida (delicious scents), do check them out.

Spinning 'I love you' necklace from Marc Jacobs, a ring handed down from my mother's friend, two rings from Santorini, Greece.

Gold vintage astrology chart necklace, handmade pearl & crystal bracelet.

Vintage earring, pearl bracelet gift from my mother, vintage snake bracelet from my lover.

Hairpin from my lover, aquamarine ring from my mother.

Talisman from my love <3

The silver cage in the back is one of my favourite pieces of jewelry. It has a heavy golden ball inside its cage that, when moved, sounds like (no joke) a fairy.

Everything else: Girl pin by Caitlin Shearer, ring armor & cosmic stone, gifts from my love in Tokyo. Diamond key to the future ring a gift from my mother. Rosary inherited from my mother.

The shelf below it.

Bottom shelf - visual diaries, film & craft supplies.

To the left, another shelf. The Selves by Sonja Ahlers, Lula Mag, Pop Mag, my design portfolio & a Lillian Bassman book, a gift from my boyfriend's mum.

Big Daddy guarding a jewelry box my mum bought me in New Orleans.

Shelf below it, film cameras.

Bottom shelves.

Mostly schoolbooks n shit.

Far view.

Zoom, polaroids.



Potions, herbs, enchants.

Bifrons, one of the first demon dolls I ever crafted.

Top of bookshelf, SX-70 Polaroid.

Mixtape list from Ali Scarpulla, photo by Ali Scarpulla & polaroid of my love & I in a maid cafe in Tokyo.

Peace & tranquility voodoo doll from New Orleans. Blessed by his maker.

He is wearing two little gris gris bags and a rabbitfur Lich King charm I made.

Another voodoo doll from New Orleans for protection.

Photo collaboration with my love.

Battle station. Background image by me.

Constellation calendar, a gift from my love. Bought off Etsy. Vintage medicine bottle, glass vodka skull.

My special stash of stuff ;) tea, teeth, a spell, a child's bracelet, animal skull.

Other side of my iMac - spellbooks & books on UFOs.. yummy smelling tea sachet from L'Artisan Parfumeur, perfume charm from my mother.

Jabu Jabu holding religious pieces & worry dolls. Skull carved from deer bone beside him.

Full shelf. It was a rainbow bookshelf before but I fucked it up... I'll fix it sometime soon.

I want to have a healthy book collection when I am an old woman :)

I have a few DVDs as well down there.

Behind my iMac.


Crap Canon printer that never has black ink, Modest Mouse photo booklet that I was lucky enough to have signed by them when I met them last summer <3

Things from Normandie, Viva La Juicy stuff.

Roses in a Miu Miu bag, candle I bought in New Orleans.. I loved this candle. It has three sides that say "the desires of my heart/the desires of my mind/the desires of my body" and you write them on the spot, but it broke in my luggage on the way home!! But I love it so much, I leave it all slanted there anyway :[

Cernunnos No.2 doll I crafted a few years ago atop some books.

Floating bookshelves, Cernunnos No.1

Across from this is a rollable shelf with Etsy Shop Clothing on it. Check it out if you dig anything <3

Floating ooOoOoOoooooo~

Me in said office.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask away, I'd love to hear from you :)
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